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Our back story – the all about Waterton’s Reserve Gin

The nightingale on our label isn’t just to make it look pretty, there’s a story behind why we chose it.

Nightingale’s Gin is inspired by our district’s history, local and forgotten crops, the botanical gardens of Nostell, and Wakefield’s very own Victorian period Yorkshire explorer & conservationist Charles Waterton.

It’s a link to a very remarkable Victorian period Yorkshire Explorer and gentleman named Charles Waterton. You might not be familiar with his legend but you will certainly have been touched by the legacy he left behind.

Charles, known locally as The Squire, was an extraordinary chap with views on conservation and wildlife that was very much out of step with his Victorian contemporaries. He lived in the small Yorkshire village of Walton, only a few miles from our distillery, and travelled all over the world studying plants and animals, very much like a 19th century David Attenborough.

Waterton's Reserve Nightingale

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